Quit Smoking! This is what our Year 8 peer supporters are saying

Year 8 pupils from five Herefordshire secondary schools have taken part ine the DECIPHer-ASSIST Smoking Prevention Programme, funded by Herefordshire Council Public Health Department. The training team at Bright Futures 4 Youth have enjoyed delivering the activities and facilitated lots of discussions about smoking and tobacco related facts. During this pilot year 108 pupils have been trained as peer supporters. They will use this training to have many conversations about smoking related facts and information about the effects of tobacco on their health, on other people, the environment, on animals, and financial considerations too. By targeting 12 and 13 year olds, this evidence based programme is proven to reduce the uptake of smoking of young people where the programme has taken place in their school. Peer supporters also gain lots of additional skills and knowledge, develop more confidence to talk to new people, have the opportunity to help people they care about to be healthy and recognise and challenge peer pressure to smoke. We are now looking forward to the next two years delivering the programme in Herefordshire schools.

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