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Training and Development Services




We provide friendly, professional and fun workshops and short courses for young people, and professional development training for people who work or volunteer in the children's and young peoples workforce. 

We provide training that improves services for children and young people.

We deliver community training for adults to develop skills that empower and build capacity in communities.

We raise confidence and skills with learners of all ages and abilities.

We work with businesses and not-for-profit organisations to develop community learning activities and projects to meet local need. We provide both consultation services and project delivery as required.
Services include:
  • Fundraising support
  • Consultation events
  • Community engagement projects
  • Committee/ meeting skills with young people
  • Project management
  • Community liaison 




We have worked with a variety of organisations and businesses. Our niche is providing specialist skills and knowledge on a cost effective, short term basis.

Clients include:

  • Community Groups

  • Church / Faith Groups

  • Foster Care Agencies

  • Voluntary Sector Organisations

  • Local Authorities

  • Health Services

  • Youth Services

  • Town & Parish Councils

  • Social Housing Associations

  • Retail /Customer Service businesses



We aim to provide exciting and creative learning opportunities and community activities that inspire, motivate and help people to reach their potential.


Our qualified and knowledgable team use their considerable experience to work with people of all ages, and from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves on using a wide range of training techniques and community development methods to enable full participation by our client groups.

Our trainers design learning and community engagement activities tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation in order to ensure you achieve positive outcomes.


We recognise how powerful informal learning and community activity can be, so we pride ourselves in the following values:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Quality assured services
  • Believing in people
  • Embracing difference and Inclusivity
  • Having fun whilst learning!

Phillipa W. Volunteer. Hereford


'Very knowledgeable and professional without being scary!'


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